18 December 2023

Transparency International Australia welcomes new open government commitments

Transparency International Australia has welcomed the Federal Government’s announcement of the Third Open Government Action Plan.

The plan was co-designed through the Open Government Forum based on civil society expertise and public consultation, including participation from Transparency International Australia.

The eight commitments outlined in the Action Plan reflect the government’s priorities to 2025 to improve government and corporate sector transparency and public participation and engagement in government.

Clancy Moore, CEO of Transparency International Australia and civil society member of the OGP Forum said:

“Australians suffer when government and business operate under a blanket of secrecy with little accountability. So we’re proud to have worked with government and civil society to co-create this historic national action plan which will increase transparency and openness across the Federal Government.”

Transparency International Australia put forward many of the eight final commitments including a new integrity strategy, a beneficial ownership register of companies, improving public sector whistleblower protections and greater transparency in government grant making.

“The inclusion of a whole of government integrity strategy akin to the UK and US is very significant and another strong commitment by the Albanese government on combatting corruption and promoting transparency in our democracy.

“We look forward to working with the government to ensure these eight commitments are implemented over the next 18 months,” said Moore.

View the Action Plan here.