Repairing Australia’s integrity: reform priorities after the 2022 federal election


Integrity was a deciding issue in the 2022 federal election campaign.

Across the country, candidates and citizens demanded greater transparency, accountability and integrity in the Australian federal parliament.

With a new government, and a large crossbench demanding integrity reforms, will this be a turning point for Australia’s integrity standards and our global reputation on corruption?

After a decade of decline on Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index, we have an opportunity to turn this around.

A panel including TIA and TI Board member, Professor A J Brown, discussed Australia’s position on the Corruption Perceptions Index and how integrity reform can and should be pursued in the new, 47th Parliament.

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Date: Tuesday 7 June, 2022
Time: 1pm – 2.30pm AEST
Location: Online (Zoom). 


AJ Brown

Professor AJ Brown

Board Member, Transparency International Australia and leader of the Centre for Governance & Public Policy’s public integrity and anti-corruption research program at Griffith University

Kate Griffiths

Budgets and Government Deputy Program Director, Grattan Institute

Alice Drury

Acting Legal Director, Human Rights Law Centre
Adam Graycar

Adam Graycar

Director of the Stretton Institute and founder of the Transnational Research Institute on Corruption