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Serena Lillywhite

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Research Consultant
Accountable Mining Programme

TIA is seeking a Consultant to conduct a scoping study on engaging with Chinese mining companies

The overall objectives of the consultancy are: 

1. To conduct a mapping exercise of Chinese mining companies and Industry associations to identify and understand the contexts in which they operate, analyse the presence and opportunities for engagement to develop an engagement plan. 

2. To produce a report discussing the opportunities and challenges of engaging with Chinese mining companies to promote transparency and accountability, as well as identifying strategic platforms and relevant industry associations to engage. 

3. To provide recommendations on how TIA should engage Chinese mining companies in the next three years and beyond to achieve greater transparency and engage further on business integrity issues, as well as any specific areas of focus and approaches TIA should consider. 

Applications must be sent by email to by close of business on 21 October 2022. 

Please download the Position Description for more information.